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Trade like a Spartan Warrior...
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Spartan Warrior's are known for being strong, aggressive and mentally tough. Trained from infants they focus with unwavering discipline on defeating their opponents.

And like Wall Street Traders, the strongest constantly search for the MOST PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS which could provide higher returns than their piers.

The most successful of them are growing stacks of money to save and re-invest. Just don't forget that every minute an investment is not in your portfolio is a minute it is not producing profits for you..

So let's face it. In order to make terrific profits in the penny stock market - if you're not an experienced and well trained warrior - is to be introduced to stocks are positioned to produce above average returns.

And that's precisely what we do. Introduce our members to stocks poised to deliver above average returns so that you can profit like a King.

That's right... discovering the most profitable positions and knowing which undiscovered stocks are poised to generate massive investor awareness and generate large amounts of money flow into a specific stock.

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Our goal is simple. Recommend the top penny stocks that are ready to explode. And by the time other traders have caught on, you'll have already pocketed 20%...40%...even over 100%!

One of the most common ways we achieve this is by constantly communicating with thousands of traders and investors that do endless hours of research... and reveal a potential winner that could break the bank.

Of course, with the returns being so high, the risks can be equally heavy. However, we follow a time-tested set of research steps to help ensure the downside risk is minimal - and upside potential is positioned to generate enormous returns.

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How Stocks Get Positioned for

I believe the three most common setups for explosive stock opportunities are:

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My Most Profitable One Week Pick
...A Staggering Increase of 650%!

That's right. 650% was the maximum possible gain on this stock when I brought it to my members. And it exploded within a matter of days, netting many investors a terrific profit!

The Company, a Nevada Corporation, is a holding company that was alerted to my by a very successful colleague. It was profiled as it quietly traded at a base at the perfect time for a quick yet EXPLOSIVE RUN!

Keep in mind that the price of the stock was introduced at $.002. At this low price the profit potential was vey high. This is one reason I don't shy away from low priced stocks.

This is also another reason why traders sign up for my newsletter!

Making Millions in "Sector Trading"

Stocks that trade within the top performing sectors have tremendous short and long-term opportunities. Perhaps that is why so many successful traders and fund managers are proponents of this strategy. By highlighting the profit potential within today's "hot sectors" and the companies that operate within them could leverage investment dollars into increased profits.

Targeting companies that can commercialize proprietary, one-of-a-kind, first-to-market products and services can be lucrative. This approach allows us to increase the profit potential since the market penetration could be enhanced.

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One of the skills that many traders have become experts on is scanning for ground floor opportunities. And there are several instances when

Often times, these ground floor opportunities present themselves when a stock is trading at a base. Or perhaps, it is a new issue.

However, one popular ground floor opportunity is when a stock has recently reversed... and is trading at a base. Many traders clearly understand why this could become a lucrative situation.

Let me explain. A reverse stock split reduces the number of shares that is out in the marketplace. The result is that it typically wipes out most current investors positions... and if there are very small positions the stock could be wide open for major Bull Run.

In fact, this opportunity could be so lucrative that there are websites that report exclusively on companies that do a reverse.

But ground floor opportunities could be present when a stock simply hits rock bottom for any number of reasons. The trick is identifying the reason why it dropped. However, there must be enough justification for it to increase or you could be chasing a "dead cat bounce."

Penny Stocks are Making Traders Filthy Rich!

The reality of many situations is that traders eventually develop their own "pass/fail" criteria as to whether to enter a stock. But did you know that some traders become so familiar with a stock that they make thousands trading on the bounces and dips? This is called "channeling" and has proven to be very profitable! So don't be surprised if a stock is recommended more than once!

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